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Experience and Innovation

Our Mission is to ensure your phone services are optimized and provide great value and flexibility to your business. We provide your team members a resource that is easy to contact and get assistance from. Great support allows you the freedom to focus on your business, not on dealing with technology issues.

We are happy to be running a debt-free company. We managed to get out of debt in year 5 and have been running for almost 25 years now. There is a tipping point in IT and once you hit that, you will be profitable. A key factor is to keep the clients you are able to partner with. Our low client turnover has allowed us to grow and continue to provide excellent service in the industry.

Having a diverse client base has allowed us to learn and grow throughout the years. The one industry we are passionate about is the shared workspace industry. Not only have we tailored phone services towards this industry, we have developed an incredibly easy to use network management platform that is better than systems produced by Yardi, Essensys, Portside Technology and others.

We focus on keeping things simple for you and providing at a fair price (yes, lower than the above competitors) and continue to expand the use of our platform beyond simple network management and wireless authentication. Check out our network management platform...Network Commander.

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Experience Matters

We have experience with many different business situations and cover a wide range of voice solutions. We are the techs the big boys call when they need help.

  • Assisted Comcast with their initial OpenSIPs integration & testing
  • Detected and worked with misconfigurations on MegaPath's phone servers
  • Experienced technicians...not newbies
  • Friendly with staff and we speak "English" not just geek speek
  • Best for Business Solutions - Geared toward all sized businesses
  • We strive to provide trouble-free support
  • Migrations from Nortel, Avaya, Cisco
  • Specialists in all areas - servers, network troubleshooting, phone services
  • Seek to find the root cause of issues vs. pushing you off to others

Simplifying Phone Solutions & Services

Phones The Right Way is an independent Voice over IP communications firm that combines technical excellence with a confident understanding of business process and business reality. We help small and medium-sized companies implement communications solutions that deliver real business value.

Our team and our commitment to exceptional service set us apart. We hire detail-oriented, service-minded professionals who like to make things better especially in the face of difficult problems. Our company culture is built on the values of generosity, respect and transparency. We believe those values form the basis of exceptional service.

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One Source - Complete Solutions

Clients choose us because we find new and creative ways to make their workdays more productive and enjoyable, and their business more successful. We take care of our clients’ business infrastructure so they can focus on growing their business.

3 Words Set Us Apart:
  • Understanding - We realize that your business is not information technology. We understand that technology is not a strategy in itself; technology is a platform to support your business. We acknowledge that technology solutions which do not advance your business goals are not real solutions, but real problems.

  • Competence - We build our solutions around proven technologies, with careful adherence to established technical standards and guidelines as well as industry best practices. Adherence to standards is your best assurance that our solutions will deliver real business value to your business bottom line.

  • Excellence - The supreme standard is customer satisfaction. The only sound solution is the one that meets your needs precisely. We are committed to fully satisfying your technology and business requirements each and every time. At the end of every project, we don't decide if our solutions work—you do.

99% Update Guarantee

Fully backed by our SLA, we promise you at least 99% uptime as part of our voice service guarantee. Failover, Backups, Testing = Peace of Mind.

Beyond Experienced

It has been our passion to provide the phone services possible. We are experienced, devoted, and committed to seeing your business succeed.

Innovative Ideas

We are constantly evolving and expanding our abilities and services. Many new features are added at no charge. Client satisfaction is our goal!

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